18-cam OB VAN with two expansions for Estonian Public Broadcaster / ERR

ERR is the largest media organization and government-owned radio and television public broadcasting company in Estonia. It relied on TVC experience in building highly efficient OB vans and our company proved to have all the knowledge and staff to build OB Van with unique coachbuilding design and technological solutions.


A distinctive feature of this OB Van is an efficient use of internal space. TVC applied flexible coach design approach and was capable as a coachbuilder to satisfy all ERR requirements. As a result, TVC was able to create 5 workings areas and totally 19 workplaces on a chassi-based OB van design with:

  • Main isolated equipment racks with redundant cooling system
  • Shading area (4 workplaces)
  • 2nd program area (3 workplaces)
  • Main program and slow-motion operators’ area (10 workplaces)
  • Audio room with improved sound isolation (2 workplaces).

According ERR requirements, the OB Van can operate either with one or two expanded sides. This flexibility allows to work with OB Van in a relatively narrow spaces when needed.


One full size expandable side adds an additional 1.6 m width to the body and creates a spacious working area. This expansion also creates a corridor for direct access to each area and provides a wide passage between two exterior doors. Second expansion adds 0.65 m distance between main production crew and video wall. In the scenario where 2nd expansion is not expanded, the motorized main production desk can be pulled out from the video wall for an additional 400 mm. The production desk can be stopped at any desired point from 0 to 400mm.


One more feature that TVC is proud of - an improved fully electric side expansion and self-levelling system, which takes much less time to deploy than previous versions. Over time fully electric side expansion and self-levelling system has proven to be very convenient and easy to maintain for users.

Power, HVAC, lighting, and control systems were individually designed based on Estonian climatic conditions, installed equipment and number of workplaces.





  1. Cameras:
  • 18x Grass Valley LDX 3G cameras
  1. Production switcher
  • Kahuna 9600 - 3 M/E 11U mainframe, 8 Keyers per Full M/E. 60 inputs 24 Outputs, 2 Channels of 3D DVE, 2 Internal Multiviewers. Maverik 3 M/E 32 Crosspoint panel and Kula 1 M/E control panel with 16 direct access crosspoints.
  1. Video/Audio router:
  • PLATINUM IP3 15 RU FRAME router, video 215x224, audio 128x128 chanels,4 multiviewers.
  1. Slow Motion servers:
  • Two Slomo.tv Arrow 662, 8-channel SloMo Replay Servers;
  • One GV Dyno/K2 Summit 8-channel SloMo Replay Server.
  1. Graphics:
  • 2x Caspar Graphics Servers
  1. Measurement equipment:
  • 4x Tektronix WFM5200 3G
  1. Synchronization and time system:
  • 2x Tektronix SPG8000A GPS and 1x ECO8000
  1. Monitoring:
  • 3x SONY BVM-E171, 2x SONY PVM-A250, 4x SONY LMD-A240, 6x SONY SONY FW-43BZ35F, 3x TV Logic LVM-246W, 1x TV Logic LVM-170A, 11x HP 27-inch and 10x HP 24-inch monitors.
  1. Control system:
  • Lawo VSM Studio
  1. Media transport over fiber:
  • 2x BROAMAN Mux22-IVT/IVT
  1. KVM system:
  • Adderlink Infinity 48 endpoints;
  1. GLUE: Processing unit Lawo vPro8, Imagine Communications Selenio 6800.



1.    Audio mixer:

  • LAWO MC56MK3, 48faders, A_UHD

2.    I/O interfaces:

  • RAVENNA, A__stage80, A__stage48, Power Core RP

3.    Audio mixer Flex:

  • Midas M32C and Bexringer X-TOUCH


  • Genelec The Ones series, 5.1

5.    Intercom Matrix:

  • Artis64 + Artist128
  • 15x 1100/1000 series panels

6.    Wireless Talk-Back

  • Riedel Bolero



  1. Vehicle: Volvo FM 500 6x2
  2. Length: 12 meters
  3. Width (stowed): 2,55 meters
  4. Width (expanded): 4,75 meters
  5. Height: 4 meters
  6. Weight: 26 tones



  1. Double side expansion
  2. Protective fold down roofs on expandable sides
  3. Interior floor and doorsteps heating
  4. Preparation for cold climate
  5. Three power feeds Main 3x63A 400V and split for Technical Power 3x32A 400V and Domestic Power group devices 3x32A 400V.
  6. Isolating transformer 40kVA
  7. Technical Power has online UPS backup
  8. UPS is N+1 type, total power 2x12kW
  9. Manual UPS and transformer backup
  10. Intelligent Power monitoring system
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