TVC is an expert team designing, building and integrating OB vans in-house under one roof concept. TVC has designed and built over 70 custom built OB vans. OB TEAM is the product of this long list of unique OB vans and solutions created over the years. OB TEAM combines great exterior looks, ergonomic interior designs and high build quality. Standardized coach solutions ensure timely delivery, well defined project scope and budgets. Together with one of the readily available and matching system solutions the OB TEAM shall meet the requirements of all production scenarios from 4 to 24 cameras. 


Engineering and craftsmanship are key components when modifying DSNG vans and TVC has them both in-house. We have designed and delivered over 50 DSNG vans varying both in size and complexity. The list of our products include DSNG vans for journalist news gathering tasks, production of medium size affairs and dedicated transmission of high profile events. Whatever your application we will consult, design and build the most suitable solution with industry leading components. That is the META DSNG by TVC.



An important part of our team are radio fans and audio gurus. We design and build Radio OB vans for audio production, sound recording, live radio broadcasting and transmission applications. And it all starts with silence. We do understand requirements for low noise rating and short reverberation times. These are the key components for comfortable operations and high end audio production. It is a RADIO TEMA.



Support vans are trusted with the responsibility to carry key broadcast components. So they better do their job right. It is critical for your equipment to be safe carried and ready to work immediately when you are. TVC builds support vans with numerous dedicated storage solutions for cameras, lenses, tripods and other broadcast accessories. The use of preheating, conditioning and humidity controlling ventilation systems ensures that your equipment is in pristine condition when on the road or long term storage. This is the real SUPPORT MATE.


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