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Founded1996 Studio installations60+ Vehicles built 250+ Employees50+ ISO certificates obtained3


TVC is one of the fastest growing independent systems integrators in Europe

TVC is one of the fastest growing independent systems integrators in Europe with over 200 completed projects throughout the years. Among regular projects are systems design, equipment supply and integration of television and radio studios, master control rooms, playout systems, news rooms and archives. A special focus is paid to outside broadcast van projects with a track record of over hundred OB vans supplied to clients across Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.


Our core strengths lay in TVC employees and strong customer focus. With a team of over 25 engineers and project managers TVC is able to provide system solutions quickly and manage multiple projects simultaneously. A strong project support team in supply and procurement, warehouse management and contracts administration ensures that large numbers of equipment are supplied and projects are completed on time and to customer specifications. In-house engineering, manufacturing and project resources provide flexibility to TVC services that is the basis for exceeding customer expectations. At TVC customers always come first.


TVC is primarily a project based organization customized to deliver broadcast projects with utmost attention to details. A thorough assessment of the client’s needs is carried out at the start of every project. If necessary, analysis of the existing situation and audition of current systems and locations is performed. As a basis for project delivery a proof of concept is developed along a detailed plan to achieve it. Throughout the process the overriding objective is to deliver systems that help clients to achieve their goals. Project success is measured by client’s satisfaction.

Our core strengths lay in TVC employees and strong customer focus

OB vans, DSNGs and specialized vehicle modifications have become TVC trademark and main export service. TVC started coachbuilding OB vans in-house 22 years ago with the start of the business. It was among the few companies supplying turn-key solutions to the former Soviet Union States. It is not surprising because TVC heritage lays in the former Television Institute, which used to be based in Siauliai where TVC headquarters and main workshops are now situated. The institute developed broadcast equipment and built OB vans for all Soviet Union States since late 1960s. TVC was built on the strength of institute after it seized existing in early 1990s. Outstanding engineering and continuous improvement of coachbuilding technologies enabled TVC to remain one of the few system integrators with the in-house coachbuilding department. For customers TVC is a single source for all their turn-key OB van needs, from body design to system supply and integration. All under one roof enables thorough quality control, faster delivery schedules, flexible approach to changing customer requirements and attractive pricing. And it is all for the benefit of a customer.

Flexible and tailor-made approach

Customers believe in TVC solutions and know that by choosing TVC they are guaranteed high quality results. TVC is a reliable partner that offers flexible and tailor-made approach to develop solutions that best suit client’s needs. It is a manufacturer independent approach to system component selection that allows TVC to satisfy even the most difficult requirements. Long standing relationship with the world’s leading broadcast equipment manufacturers ensures a wide range of system options and TVC’s engineering capacity guarantees seamless integration and operation of multiple complex systems. It is the result of this professional approach that most of TVC business is from returning customers.


TVC is an international systems integrator with strong focus on ensuring local customer support. Operations are carried via remote offices and a carefully selected network of partners. This approach ensures close proximity to customers, understanding of local market dynamics and availability of first line of support. Every project during warranty and aftersales services is supported by at least two engineers ready to travel within 48 hours to any customer location.

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