TVC, as a local construction company’s LLC "ANAGI" partner, successfully completed the Batumi stadium project in Georgia.

Implementing the development plan for the capital of Adjara, Batumi city, the government of Georgia announced a tender for the construction of a stadium with 20,000 spectators that meets the requirements of the UEFA category IV. The tender was won by the local construction company LLC "ANAGI". Our company was chosen by LLC "ANAGI" as a partner, for the implementation of the Multimedia and ticketing systems and creating cable network for OB van on the stadium. The choice was due to the fact that this is not the first project of this scale in Georgia for TVC. The cost of the contract including the supply of equipment, installation work and staff training was over 1.3 million euros.

TVC designed and installed several systems at the newly built stadium:

  • stadium's cable system for connecting the OB Van
  • internal Мedia system of the stadium, two 6x8 m. LED screens included
  • ticketing and turnstile systems
  • IPTV system
  • clock system.


The stadium's cable system consists of video, audio, optical, triax, hybrid, ethernet and power networks. In total, the stadium has 34 connection boxes installed in the places according to the requirements of UEFA category IV. The second ends of all cables are mounted on the connection boards located next to the dedicated Parking area for the OB Van. Connection panels located in an open air are made of stainless steel, with impact resistance class IK10 and protection from natural precipitation and dust.  The system allows to connect remote equipment of OB Van for shooting events at the stadium without using standard OB Van cables. All connection boxes provided receive/transmission HD video signals. The cable network also allows you to send or receive signals to the stadium's internal Media network. The network is based on BELDEN company cables.

The stadium's internal Media system includes:

  • 13 CV502 Marshall Electronics video cameras in thermo boxes
  • Black Magic video switcher АТЕМ 1М-Е
  • AJA video router KUMO dimension 64х64 in/out.
  • video recording servers, video playback servers, slow-motion video servers, video referee servers, specialized Goal Sport company software used for managing and displaying content synchronously on multiple digital assets, enabling slow motion, live switching, replaying, video analysis and judging and graphics editing.
  • 6x8 m. LED screens for displaying video content at the stadium.

The system has 4 independent program outputs, which are used to send a signal to LED screens, banner system, IPTV system and to OB Van. All sources are connected to the video router, which is used for the system configuration. Using the stadium's cable network, the signals from video router can be used in the OB Van, and vice versa – the OB Van signals can be used in the stadium's Media system.


A ticketing system and turnstiles installation on stadium was performed by integrator nSoft company from Lithuania. Turnstiles produced by COMINFO company from Czech Republic. nSoft company performed as subcontractor to TVC.

The system allows you to sell tickets from 14 local ticket offices, via a web site, and is also integrated with the company's ticket sales system TICKET.GE. The system is equipped with stationary NQuire304 and mobile MT65 Beluga III barcode and QR code readers and uses REXON-ERA turnstiles. The turnstiles are integrated with the stadium's fire protection system as well.


                The IPTV system provides satellite TV programs, terrestrial TV programs, program generated by the stadium's Media system, and also allows to connect to an external interactive cable television. The IPTV system uses the equipment of the Exterity company.

                The clock system is built on “Time Machines” equipment and provides synchronization of all stadium wall clocks and stadium Media system devices from GPS accurate time signals. The system includes a GPS antenna with a pie chart, NTP clock server TM2000A with a highly stable internal clock and a NTP PoE wall digital clock.

The COVID-19 environment and the measures taken by all European countries (quarantine, flight cancelations, reduction of logistics services) complicated the implementation of the project. However, due to TVC team’s and the partners for this project nSoft, Cominfo creative approach to work and flexibility, we overcame these challenges and successfully completed this Batumi sadium project.

The opening ceremony of Batumi’s new football stadium should be held in October this year.


More information and visualization about Batumi stadium project here:


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