Eesti media selects Slomo TV for Winter Olympic games coverage

Eesti Meedia – the largest media group in the Baltic countries selects's multichannel production video server with Super and Slow-motion “Dominator AT/3G” for upcoming Winter Olympic games. The server records 8 channels to three different places and simultaneously plays back 4 channels.

Presented at NAB2017 Domonator AT/3G server with the best price-performance ratio in the industry, was selected for its ability to work with growing XDCAM files recording to 3 different places – built-in SSD storage array; 8 standard SATA HDDs used as archive media; and NAS used in editing.

This recording mode, unlike other systems, is provided without the use of additional equipment and software.  Another important feature of the server is the possibility to support 2 replay operators each handling 6 channels of 3G/HD signals.  Each operator has two monitors – main interface and multiviewer. In addition, each operator simultaneously with recording of 6 channels can replay independently 2 video channels and, at the same time, can search and mark on all 6 recorded channels.

In standard industry terminology the Dominator AT/3G has 28 3G/HD channels and 16 bi-directional video ports. The server will be used for fast editing while recording application, for highlights, best moments, reviews and so on. 

"We have opted server for a number of reasons – reasonable price and high-quality picture together with robust performance combined with user-friendly interface, which helped to put in operation the machine in the very short time” says Aimar Prous, CTO at Eesti Media.

Eesti Media operations include producing content for internet media, television and radio production, classified portals and offering a printing service. multichannel video recording Super and Slow-Motion instant replay server Dominator AT/3G is capable of recording directly in NLE file formats.  The system works with 3G SDI and HD/SD SDI signals. The 4U 19” size unit has 4 graphics ports and standard SSD storage capacity of 533 hours of 100Mbit. Intuitive main interface with built-in multiviewer and remote control facilitate instant access to frequently used functions enabling search, clip creation and editing during replay.

The installation of the equipment was carried out by TVC company - the dealer in Baltic Area.

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