MIR TVR DSNG upgrade to UHD 12G

TVC have upgraded DSNG to UHD 12G for customer MIR in Belarus.

TVC won the tender in 2018 for upgrading of a DSNG for customer MIR in Belarus. TVC team have carried out the following work was undertaken for the technical upgrade of the DSNG:

  • development of the project for work in the UHD 12G SDI format up to 6 cameras;
  • dismantlement of old equipment;
  • delivery and installation of the new UHD equipment;
  • the functional design, technical specifications, construction and unit test are complete;
  • staff training.


Currently DSNG is in the following configuration:


  • 5x IKEGAMI UHK-430 "Unicam XE" series 4K-native 2/3-inch CMOS sensors which provide full 3840 x 2160 UHD resolution. 5x IKEGAMI CCU-430 12G camera control units (CCU). Camera control is carried out using IKEGAMI OCP-300 panels;
  • the cameras are equipped with FUJINON UA22X8BERD-S8 and UA13X4,5BERD-S9 4K broadcast zoom lens with extenders;
  • 5x SACHTLER tripods;
  • ROSS VIDEO Ultrix 12G Router with 32x32 I/O, integrated MultiViewer with the option of two independent outputs and switching signals up to 12 Gbit/s;
  • 1 M/E package UHD with 3 keyers, the GRASS VALLEY 12G-SDI Kula switcher. It is equipped with 10 12G-SDI inputs and 3 12G-SDI outputs;
  • YAMAHA 01V96I Digital Mixing Console. Added MY16AE 16 Channel AES/EBU Interface Card;
  • transit and monitoring of the Dolby E® digital audio stream carried out using the WOHLER AMP1-E8-MDA;
  • Measuring Video and Audio instrument TEKTRONIX MPX PRISM 12G
  • 4x Grass Valley Kudos Pro UHD 1200 video & audio processing;
  • 2x TVLOGIC LUM-430M and 1x LUM-171G monitoring;
  • multi-Format Multi-Channel Record/Play Server AVID Fast Serve/Live Edit HD/UHD, 8 channels in HD format or 4 channels in UHD format recording/playback channels;
  • 2x ERICSSON AVP3000 VOYAGER 4K DSNG Encoders;
  • 2x ERICSSON RX8200 Advanced Modular Receivers and 2x MFCP 1.x 4K decoders;
  • Intercom CLEAR COM ECLIPSE HX-PICO, 36-port.


See a video here:



About MIR TV

Belarusian National office of the Intergovernmental TV & Radio company (ITVRC) "MIR" is one of the constituents of ITVRC “Mir”. “Mir” is composed of 11 national offices and branches in the Commonwealth of the Independent States and has an audience of about 50 million viewers and listeners. The national office of ITVRC “Mir” in Belarus was founded on 14 February 1994. We inform the citizens of Belarus about events in the Commonwealth and tell about the political, social and economic as well as cultural life of the country.


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