OB24 OB - trailer with full expansion to customer NRK, Norway

NRK is the Norwegian government-owned radio and television public broadcasting company, and the largest media organization in Norway. They relied on TVC expertise in building highly efficient OB vans/trailers and our company proved to have all the knowledge and staff to design and built OB-trailer with special coachbuilding, individual interior and technological solutions.


This fully expandable HD OB Trailer features a huge interior space, improved sound and heat insulation, ease of automatic preparation for operation and transportation, easy maintenance and reliability. A unique separate expandable platform allows quick access to a separate rack room, even before expanding the whole trailer. Back bottom hatch has an aluminum non-slip covering, which forms a roof with side covers, or tent, convertible to a working ramp of 300 kg load capacity. It features two separate Production rooms, Slow-Motion operator’s row, Camera Control area, separate Audio Room and a completely separate equipment and server room, with a separate entrance door from outside. There are 24 dedicated workplaces in spacious operational areas inside. Equipped with Recuperation, HVAC > 170 000 BTU of cooling power, also heated floors, unti-icing heated expanding side roof, Webasto autonomic preheaters.




  1. Cameras:
  • 20x SONY 3G cameras
  • 4x SONY SSM
  • 4x Vislink wireless system
  1. Production switcher
  • SONY XVS-7000 3M/E with 8 keyers per M/E and split function, 80 Inputs with FC, 32 Outputs, 2 ch DME. Two ICP-X7000 series panels.
  1. Video/Audio router:
  • Grass Valley Sirius 840 router, video 288x288 (standard i/o 144x192, AHP 120x72, AHP Fiber 24x24) and MADI i/o. Integrated 5x Grass Valley MV-800 series multiviewers with total 240 PIP‘s with 28 outputs
  1. Slow Motion servers:
  • 6x EVS XT series servers, 4x XTA, 2x IPD, 1x DB and 1x Epsio.
  1. Graphics:
  • 2x Vizrt Engines and 1x Vizrt TRIO
  1. Measurement equipment:
  • 4x Leader LV5350 and 1x Leader LV7300
  1. Synchronization and time system:
  • 2x Leader LT4610 and 1x Leader LT4448
  1. Monitoring:
  • 6x SONY PVM-A170, 2x SONY PVM-A250, 2x SONY LMD-A170, 3x SONY SONY FW-49BZ35F, 33x Dell 27-inch and 8x Dell 23-inch monitors.
  1. Control system:
  • Lawo VSM Studio
  1. Media transport over fiber:
  • Riedel Mediornet
  1. KVM system:

 Blackbox DKM FXC 64 PORTS

  1. 1 x EVS xNet Hub
  2. Space for 6RU mediaserver
  3. LiveU transmitter, 2 x LiveU receiver
  4. GLUE: Processing unit Axon Neuron with Synapse modules.



1.    Audio mixer:

  • LAWO MC56MK3, 64faders, A_UHD

2.    I/O interfaces:

  • DALLIS, A__stage80, Power Core RP

3.    Audio mixer Flex:

  • Yamaha QL1


  • Genelec The Ones series, 5.1

5.    Intercom Matrix:

  • Artis64 + Artist128
  • 26x 1100/1000 series panels

6.    Wireless Talk-Back

  • Raycom



  1. Vehicle: Custom built trailer
  2. Length: 13,6 meters
  3. Width (stowed): 2,55 meters
  4. Width (expanded): 4,15 meters
  5. Height: 4 meters
  6. Weight: 26 tones



  1. Single side expansion with independent entrance platform
  2. Protective fold down roofs on expandable side and entrance platform
  3. Interior floor heating
  4. Preparation for cold climate
  5. Two power feeds for Technical Power and Domestic Power group devices, each compatible with three phase Delta (230V) and Star (400V), two isolating transformers.
  6. Technical Power has a UPS backup.
  7. UPS is N+1 type, total power 3x12kW


You can see OB trailer's production timelapse here: https://youtu.be/YO1e5dS8M0M

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