TVC delivers OB trucks to STV channel in Belarus

A new HD OB Van and Support Van was built by TVC in less than 265 days and put into operation by the STV channel.

Up to 16 cameras HD OB van built on Iveco 26 t self-propelled chassis with dual extension will debut in June 2019 with the biggest sporting event in Belarus, the II European Games.

Technical Highlights:

1. Cameras:

- 6x Grass Valley LDX 82 Flex 1080i50 with Fiber XCU Elite
- 2x Grass Valley LDX 86 HS 1080i150 with XCU UNIVERSE XF

- Vislink INCAM G wireless system

2. Lenses:

-  Canon DIGISUPER 80 XS, HJ40ex10B IASE, HJ24EX7.5B IASE-S, HJ14ex4.3B IASE-S

3. Production switcher:

- Grass Valley Kahuna 4800 2M/E, 48x24, 2x 3D DVE, Format fusion4

4. Video/Audio router:

- Grass Valley Nvision 8144, video 144x144, audio 576x384

5. Slow Motion servers:

- 2x Grass Valley K2-DYNOS3-ELITE-16

6. CG:

-2x INTV Atlas Sport HD

7. Measurement equipment:

-3x Tektronix WFM7200

8. Monitoring:

- 3x Ikegami HEM, 7x Postium OBM-U, 3x SONY FW-49XE

- 2x Grass Valley MV-820-HDBNC

9. Control system:

- Lawo VSM Studio

10. Media transport over fiber:

- Broaman/Optocore


1. Audio mixer:

- Lawo mc²56-48f

2. I/O interfaces:

- Directout

3. Audio monitoring:

- Neumann 5.1
4. Microphone park:

- Sennheiser

5. Dolby® en/decoding:

- Junger


Intercom equipment
1. Intercom matrix:


2. Wireless Talk-Back:

- 2 x Riedel Riface, Motorola
3. Commentator Units:



Coach Build
1. Vehicle: Iveco

2. Length: 12 meters
3. Width (stowed): 2,55 meters
4. Width (expanded): 4,81 meters
5. Height: 4 meters
6. Weight: 26 tones


Special Features
1. Dual side expansion
2. Self-leveling electric jacking system
3. Protective fold down roofs on each expandable side
4. Motorized power cable
5. Additional interior floor heating
6. Exterior mechanics heating, preparation for cold climate


STV is one of three national TV channels that broadcast in Belarus. The company's main production is news, programs, entertainment shows, sports programs, documentaries and much more.



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